Thursday, May 9, 2013

School Food Blooming Mari - Central Park

Annyeong Haseyo..
It's been a long time i didn't post about culinary..
So today i'm gonna post about this restaurant..

Do you miss your school days?
Or you're K-Drama lover like Dream High, School 2013, etc??
On Dream High 2,sometimes they

shooting at canteen school, wow~ when i watched this drama, i wish someday i can go to Korean School Canteen but i don't have go to Korea..
Why? Because in Indonesia have a restaurant like this, why you must spend many cash to go there? Right??

And tell you something, this restaurant sponsored Dream High 2.. WOW~ Daebak..
First time, i didn't believe this is their restaurant's name..Haha

School Food Blomming Mari

When i found this restaurant..
I thought they only have few tables because their restaurant very small..
But i have to say to you, i fooled by them.. Hahahahaha

 Love the tree decoration

Do you know why i fooled by them now?
Their restaurant quite big and make me feel *WOW* such like go to canteen school in Korea...

Actually i can't stop camwhore that time..
And 2 women beside my desk keep looking at me.. *i don't know why*
When i walked in, this flower caught my attention..
 This is their kitchen, i love this idea...
Beside their open kitchen have a bar that we can order our drink at there

 I asked their PV who invited me to there, is it decoration and he said YES..
Okay, firstly i thought they haven't finish their renovation.. Hahahaha
 I wonder what's the meaning of this floor.. LOL
Is it decoration too?? Because usually canteen floor usually like that..

 This is smoking room, you also can hold a party at here...
And he is Mr. Ravi who invited me to School Food, Gamsahabnida~

Okay, let's take a seat..

 Do you saw the difference?
Yes, it's chair... Their manager told to me usually canteen always had different chair, so they bought different chair and put like that..
Really made me miss my school days.. T.T

Let's see the menu..

 Mr. Ravi said i can try all the menu that i want..
But on that time i was alone, actually i did ask my cousin brother go with me..
Because my boyfriend doesn't like to eat Korean food..

But my cousin on that day *pang puey ki* means he suddenly can't come...
*Hey i know you're always reading my blog*
So, i only ordered 2 kinds of food that i curious want to try and lychee tea..

*p.s : Mr. Ravi ordered Mojito, not me >.<

While waiting the food, i also can see the views from their restaurant...

I ordered Soy Carbonara Topokki and Grilled Spam Fried Rice..

I really want to eat topokki, but Mr.Ravi said the original one very spicy..
And i can't eat spicy food because i can't and i also have gastric so i can't eat too spicy..

Then Mr. Ravi recommended me to try Soy Carbonara Topokki, usually i ate Spaghetti Carbonara, and this is my first time tried this..

For who like carbonara and topokki, i guarantee you'll like this one..
Usually i always like to ate Spaghetti Carbonara, but they always cook the sauce too watery, it make the pasta no taste because too watery and the sauce keep dropping..

But when i try Soy Carbonara Topokki, the sauce is creamy and it match very well.. They also put mushroom, peperoni and Korean fish cake.. WOW~

And 1 portion 360g only cost Rp. 85.000 ( USD 8.5).. I think it's worth it..

Next one is Grilled Spam Fried Rice
I want to eat bibimbap and so coincidence they didn't have bibimbap
So, Mr. Ravi recommended me this food that similiar with bibimbap and i agree to try it..

I tried the rice first and it's delicious but too oily for me..
Then they told me to eat like i ate bibimbap before.. Can you see the yellow yolk still medium cook?
So i mix the rice with yellow yolk.. And it become more delicious than before...
But it still oily.. And i did tell to Mr. Ravi too..
The square meat is name Turkey Spam.. Actually i don't know what is spam..
And i tried it,,,

The taste like... Luncheon meat?? But this one more tastier than luncheon meat..
But the Turkey Spam a bit salty for me...

It cost Rp. 75.000 ( USD 7.5 )

Using jar as glass.. Is it cute??
I ordered Lychee Tea and inside had 2 lychee..
This tea is full of lychee and tea flavour.. I didn't feel any sweetness..
They didn't put sugar? But it had Lychee sweet i think it's enough.. Haha

It cost Rp. 20.000 ( USD 2 ) Quite big size so i think it's worth it..

 This is the Mojito that Mr.Ravi ordered..

- Follow their twitter @SchoolFoodINA to get 15% discount
- Using ANZ Credit Card to get 15% discount
- Permata Bank 20% discount
And for student..
Show your student card to get 15% discount..

Location : Central Park Mall 3rd Floor, Jakarta
Phone : (021) 29200316


Okay, i think i'll visit School Food again..
And i'm always meet one of my male best friend during chinese new year..
I think i'll bring him to there for eat...
His father is Indonesian Chinese, Mother Malaysian chinese..
He can't speak Bahasa >.< a little bit la..
We meet every chinese new year because he based in Malaysia..

 Thanks for reading and thanks to School Food

Have a nice day ^^


  1. hahaha ngeditnya ancur LOL,,,
    bisa gak sih. heloooooo....

  2. Dont worry, sweetie. I think you edit just fine. :-) <3

    Endure the insult, ok? Maklumin aja, ya, mungkin user di atas lagi galau/kebanyakan waktu luang, jadinya Yevi jadi target deh. Malah bagus, berarti ada yg perhatiin Yevi sampe sebegitunya. Lumayaaaan nambah pageview hehe

  3. wanna try it la~
    pas banget minggu depan mau balik ke home sweet home di medit
    don't be sad la~
    wa sama cowo wa juga jauhan kok, ketemu sebulan sekali nyan :3

  4. Hi, can I ask for Mr. Ravi's number. I want to review this on Sriwijaya inflight Magazine. Thx

    1. Sure, email me and i'll give you.. ^^